There are many sayings about Marburg. That ‘there are more stairs on the streets than in the houses (Jacob Grimm)’, that Marburg is ‘a black hole where time means nothing, a fairytale village where nothing feels real (Steven Fitzgerald)’ or the probably most popular saying: While other cities have a university, Marburg IS a university.

Marburg is a small but vivid university town in the heart of Hessen, Germany. University town, because since its foundation in 1527 until today, the Philipps-University Marburg with its currently over 30,000 students and associates (about a third of the population) is shaping the town and its surroundings greatly for the past five hundred years and is by now one of the oldest Protestant universities in the world. While the historical side grows older and older, the townscape is constantly reinventing itself without losing the distinctive charm of its numerous pubs, shops and creative people.