How to get to Marburg?

The easiest way to get to Marburg in all regards is via Frankfurt (Main),

…by train:

We are proud to be able to welcome you at „Marburg (Lahn)“, Germany’s „train station of the year 2015“. [whatever that means😁]

Marburg is located on the InterCity connection between the two big long distance railway stations in Hesse, Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof [= central station] in the south and Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe in the north.

For travellers by train, we recommend aiming for Frankfurt (Main), Germany’s busiest railway station, which is serving all major long distance train lines, e.g. via Paris (France), Basel (Switzerland) or Vienna (Austria).

From Frankfurt, you can take a regional train to „Marburg (Lahn)“, which takes about one hour.

ATTENTION: A common regional train connection via Marburg is the one to „Treysa / Dillenburg“. Make sure you sit in the (usually front) part of the train heading to „Treysa„, as the train is divided in Gießen and you do not want to go to „Dillenburg“ (usually the rear part of the train)!

…by bus:

In addition to trains, Marburg’s railway station has a bus stop for long distance coach companies such as Flixbus.
Again, for international connections, Frankfurt might be a favourable stopover.

…by plane:

The nearest airport to Marburg is Frankfurt Airport (FRA), according to Wikipedia with more than 300 destinations in five continents the airport with the most direct routes in the world.

We would be surprised if you cannot find a convenient connection.

From the airport, you can get to Marburg by „S-Bahn“ [= urban railway] and regional trains via Frankfurt central station (see „…by train“) and once or twice a day by long distance coach buses (see „…by bus“),

ATTENTION: Even though the name is similar, the airport „Flughafen Frankfurt Hahn (HHN)„, approached for example by Ryan- and Wizz- Air, is not part of Frankfurt Airport! Actually, it is located about 100 kilometres further away in the remote Hunsrück, a region historically popular for moving away from (as did the author of these lines). However, there is a bus shuttle to Frankfurt Airport.

…by car:

We would recommend to use a navigation device and head for the youth-hostel at

Jahnstr. 1, 35037 Marburg/Lahn – Germany

To give you a general direction, connections nearby Marburg are the motorways „A5“ via Frankfurt from the south and „A7“ via Kassel from the north.

…on foot:

There are a few pilgrim trails such as the „Elisabeth trail“ and a „Huguenots Hiking Trail“ from France and Switzerland to Marburg. However, we feel obligated to remind you that the seminar is in early January, it might be a bit cold for hiking.