Workshop-Leader: Neda Doykova (Sofia), Anne-Sophie Wünsche (Marburg)

In our workshop we will talk about elves, trolls, evil demons and maybe about Game of Thrones.

Folklore, mythology and traditional believes:
How different actually are people‘s (from different regions) views about the structure of the world which is surrounding them?

Folklore and the nationalism:
Is this fairytale ‚mine‘ or is it ‚theirs‘? Common problem when it comes to defying a particular fairytale/ myth/ song as someone’s national cultural heritage.

Folklore in our everyday life:
How did folklore change during the centuries and what is its influence today in our everyday life (music, movies, fashion etc)?

These are a couple of hints/ examples about the essence of the workshop.
And since we are talking abot fairytales after all – feel free to challenge your imagination and surprise us!