Workshop-Leader: Teresa Traupe (Marburg), Peter Molthagen (Marburg)

Dwarfs, giants, magicians, threatening living beds, the mythological sunken treasure of the Nibelung and genealogies going back to Cesar or even Adam – medieval texts are full of imagination, narratives and myths. Often the imagination was inspired by historical events or personalities. Figures with fantastic attributes and anachronistic structures often arose from oral transmission, but leaders, rulers, monarchs, martyrs and other role models also figure considerably in medieval texts.

This workshop deals with the portraying of people, origin and foundation myths, miracle stories and mythical creatures – in short the literary conception between history and fiction in medieval texts. It aims to compare the different examples contributed by the participants, mainly with respect to the different conception of the texts and to the intentions those might suggest.

The presentations will be (dependent on the number of participants) about 30 minutes each and will point out especially the literary ways fiction is embedded into the chosen example.