(Lists are as of December, 2018)

Following this link, you will find the [List of participants for the New Years Seminar 2019 in Marburg]

Should there be a participant dropping out due to some reason, the ‚ranking‘ of the follow-ups is defined by 1.) the section origin and 2.) the workshop choice of the potential drop-out. In case the drop-out is the only participant chosen so far from his/her section, applicants from this section will be preferred. Otherwise, we will choose according to the value of the motivational letters for the respective workshop.

The order is based on a first evaluation of the applicants‘ motivational letters and might be subject to alterations if we see fit.


As mentioned above, the criteria for choosing the participants are

1.) section

2.) ‚value‘ of motivation letter.

This means, if there is a cancellation, we will first look from which section the respective participant is, and if he was the only one from that section. In that case, we will chose a participant from only that section.

However, if there is still another person from the same section on the list of participants, the spot is open to ALL applications according to their motivation for the respective workshop, to give each applicant the equal chance to get a spot in our seminar.