Workshop Leaders: Michelle Simon (ISHA Marburg) & Aleksandar Simić (ISHA Belgrade)

This workshop will look from memory spaces lost to their recipients, surviving only in the minds of those shaping their way of remembrance, towards those who (might) have never existed at all.

How can something lost to its contemporaries still become a focal point in shaping their identity? Why do fictional spaces and rituals come alive within people’s minds, not only displaying a colourful and vast array of details but becoming something very real?

Plato most likely invented the lost place of Atlantis, but with the passing of time it became more than just an educational story. We all have heard or read about the Amazonian women, the ritual of sacred prostitution within temples and many more. In which way can something be a nucleus of emotions and symbolic significance without ever existing? From ancient times up to modern days all those memory places were somehow „lost“. Still the people continued to keep a close connection between them and their own identities. Atlantis is as popular today as it was during the time of Plato.

In our workshop we want to encourage our colleagues to talk, think and research about various lost memory spaces and have a look at their underlying mechanics, their construction and deconstruction in the shaping of shared identities and collective memory.