Workshop Leader: Phillip Hoehre (ISHA Marburg) & Domen Kodrič (ISHA Maribor)

When hearing the term „memory space“, most famously used by French historian Pierre Nora, a literal-minded person might at first think of a literal, physical space associated with memories. The true meaning of the term is far more faceted, but this workshop will indeed look at places one might find on a map and the cultural and sociohistorical memories associated with them.

Be it natural landmarks that have become synonymous with entire landscapes or cultures, battlefields that still bear the scars of their violent past, or monuments to history, participants of this workshop are invited to observe both the incidents and occurrences that led to certain places becoming memory spaces, as well as the means by which their inhabitants have tried to live and interact with the memories inherent to them. This can include anything from tourism, to statues and museums, to idioms and sayings such as „Remember the Alamo.“ that have sprouted up around these „memory places“. Maps and geographical depictions that have become memory spaces of their own also fall into this workshop’s spectrum.

So, if your map leads you to this workshop, don’t pass it by, but join us on our journey!