Hochzeit 003My name is Michelle Simon. I joined ISHA Marburg in summer 2014 and have been an active member ever since. Most of you will not recognize me as I have only been to an international seminar once (Olomouc 2015).

On the local level I am responsible for the incoming paperwork and the general organisation of events and meetings. I also tend to end up as the city guide for visiting sections. My pet project within ISHA Marburg is our bi-annual bake sale.

For the New Year Seminar 2019 I will be responsible for your accommodations, the opening lecture as well as one of the workshops.

University-wise you’ll most likely find me in the department for Ancient History. My major interests lie within the social aspect of antique religions and cults, up towards the early beginnings of Christianity in the city of Rome. Due to my minor degree subject in archaeology, some excavations (and years of historical re-enactment) I also very much enjoy everything about rural live in Early Medieval Northern Germany.

Outside of the university I like to spend my time doing archery or at the gaming table enjoying a good round of pen-and-paper and letting myself be killed by dice. I also enjoy baking as well as cooking, which mixes well with the aforementioned hobbies.

Favourite memory space: Hard question. Roman Ancestral cults as much as the martyrs of Early Christianity. Sorry, guys, can’t decide!

Favourite quote?
Irrealität ist ebenso wenig ein Argument für Irrelevanz, wie Realität kein Argument für Relevanz ist.“

(‚Irreality is just as little an argument for irrelevance, as reality is no argument for relevance.’)

 (Demandt, Ungeschehene Geschichte)