Workshop-Leader: Lilla Zámbó (Paris), Vincent Regente (Berlin)

In the PhD Workshop participants will present their research topics (or parts of it) in 10 to 20 minutes. Apart from the historical content we want to discuss mainly methodological questions. After each presentation there will be a lot of time for extensive discussions. Therefore every participant should write a very short discussion paper in advance. The presentations can be from every stage of your PhD project. Welcome in the workshop are students who are thinking about writing a PhD as well as late M.A. students or B. A. students (presenting their B.A. thesis). We also want to talk about surrounding problems of writing a PhD (financial and other practical issues). A special part will be a discussion about how to write research plans, especially for those who are in the application process for a PhD/scholarship.

If you have any questions in advance, feel free to ask Lilla ( and Vincent (