Dear ISHA peeps,

my name is Jan Brack, and I am doing a teaching degree in History, English and German as Foreign Language.

DSC01927I am one of Marburg’s current most Veteran members as I have fought a great many battles locally and internationally since my first Seminar in Helsinki 2013. Since about 2014 I have been acting as Marburg’s designated International Contact Person and regular face at seminars, while maintaining our section on a local level by keeping the band together, alive and merry. For example I am the head of Propaganda and the one realizing silly ideas like field trips or the last local New Year’s Seminar in 2016. I am furthermore engaged in the ISHA International Project Management Committee since its establishment in 2016 and was recently elected as Council Member of ISHA International for the term of 2018 and 2019.

Therefore, I consider my task for the upcoming seminar to coordinate, make things work and be on the front to check that everything is in order and you folks as well as our team have a great seminar and a pleasant time in Marburg.

As I am (hopefully soon) about to finish my degree, you actually won’t find me at university that often anymore. As a future history teacher, I am asked to aim for a historic understanding as extensive as possible and how to convey the respective, so I have no specific focus on ages and such. Personally though I tend to be most interested in anglophone history since the late 16th century, especially the British Empire in all its glory and mischief.

Outside of the university, my life currently consists of being chased around any concert venues which Raphael can think of, support local sports despite having hardly any idea of its exact rules and leisure reading with a special interest in comic fantasy and weird fiction. Occasionally I waste my time by playing various RP videogames on my computer generation „my grandmother’s“.

Favourite (or rather highly interesting) memory space: the (pursuit of) national unity in Germany

Favourite Quote:

“Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” (Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight)