Workshop Leaders: Raphael Päbst (ISHA Marburg) & Yordana Nikolova (ISHA Sofia)

Pierre Nora defined the term “Lieu De Memoire” (or Memory Space) as follows: „A lieu de mémoire is any significant entity, whether material or non-material in nature, which by dint of human will or the work of time has become a symbolic element of the memorial heritage of any community.“
Religious communities have always been a part of human life and society and we want to focus on their memory spaces in this workshop and also look at how they connect to other communities. These could include Greek or Roman temples that have also become national memory spaces for the countries they lie in, the graves of martyrs, churches and cemeteries, but also rites like the mysteries of Eloisis or processions and pilgrimages of all ages. In modern days the focus of religious and quasi-religious communities has shifted, the cult of personality has grown central and we find the borders between sacral and secular less and less certain, as in the mausoleums of famous politicians or even artists, they too can be a topic for our workshop. Sacral memory spaces might even include symbols of religious communities that have become part of national flags like crosses or the Star of David, where once again the sacral and the national intersect.

From this short list it is already evident that religious memory spaces are not confined to a particular era but an important part of all of human history.

If you feel the sacral power is in you, join our workshop, where we look forward to discussing these topics with you.