Hello there!
UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_30cdMy name is Vanessa Göppner and I have recently joined ISHA Marburg (Spring 2018).  Therefore I haven’t participated in any international workshops or local events yet. But I am really excited to do so. At the upcoming new-year’s seminar 2019 I will be responsible for one of the workshops and for one of the tours on the daytrip. You will find out about all relevant information at a later point! 😉

Since October 2017 I am studying history of international politics in Marburg. Before that I have done my bachelor-degree in history at the university of Gießen. The main interests in my studies are modern and contemporary history. Therefore it’s not surprising that I deal primarily with more current topics as for example the culture of remembrance in postcommunist, -socialist and post-national-socialist states, international jurisdiction (or rather transnational justice), for instance problems and challenges of migration movements.

Beyond this I like to do stuff with my friends in my free time, for example traveling around the globe. I also like to read Science-Fiction-Novels and Thrillers and I play the piano.

To name a favoured memory space I find extremely difficult. The most interesting stories can be inherent in a terrific amount of memory spaces. Primarily I would name places of the Yugoslavian War, as for example Srebrenica, moreover the concentration camp memorial Jasenovac because this was also the subject of my bachelor thesis. Besides I also think post-communist cities are interesting as memory spaces since the architecture itself reveals a lot about the respective regime. At last I want to name the Ho Chi Minh Temple on the Ba Vi mountain just because you have such a great view up there 🙂

favourite quote:
The average gives the world its substance, the exceptional its value. – oscar wilde