ISHA Marburg organised a special event in early 2010: The ISHA Weekend Seminar, held on the last weekend of January. More than thirty students from around Europe participated in this second ISHA meeting in Marburg.

The seminar’s topic was „Being a Historian. Opportunities and Responsibilities in Past and Present.“ We discussed some of its aspects in four consecutive workshop sessions. The first two workshops  provided insight into historians‘ concepts  of history and their motivation to study it, as well as the dangers of political or ideological interference in historiography as witnessed in the 20th century. Two additional workshops had a look at perspectives and opportunities for students and graduates of historical science outside academia, and the currrent situtation of students  in regard to international mobility and exchange.

A first in ISHA history, the Weekend Seminar combined a ‚classic‘ historiographical approach with a more practical one to the question what studying history is – or should be – all about.