1. Why History? Reasons to Study History from Ancient Times to the Present
  • Spanning antiquity to modern times, this workshop will focus on the motivation and concepts of historiographers and historians. Why did they study history, and what did they want to achieve with it?


2. Politics and Historians: How Political Ideologies Influenced Historians in the Twentieth Century
  • How Nazi Ideology Influenced the Study of Greek Antiquity
  • The Influence of Socialist/Communist Ideology on Historiography
  • Leonid Arbusow: A Russian-German-Baltic Historian in the Interwar Period


3. The Effect of the Bologna Process on Historical Studies and Student Mobility (Discussion)

  • The current development of education systems in Europe is affecting almost every aspect of student life. The way history is taught is changing in nearly all European countries, not always for the better. In this workshop, we’ll share our opinions and experiences out of an international perspective, and will put special emphasis on international student mobility and exchange.


4. What to Do after Graduation? Practical Applications of Historical Science in Teaching, Tourism, and Cultural Heritage Protection

  • Quite simply, this workshop is going to make you familiar with opportunities to employ your skills and knowledge of historical science outside academia. We will discuss the chances and challenges which lie in various kinds of occupation, and have a look at the way history can be both used and misused in these contexts.