Memory is life, borne by living societies founded in its name. It remains in permanent evolution, open to the dialectic of remembering and forgetting, unconscious of its successive deformations, vulnerable to manipulation and appropriation, susceptible to being long dormant and periodically revived.

(Pierre Nora, „Between Memory and History: Les Lieux de Mémoire“)

Marburg‘s New-Year‘s seminar has the goal of adapting Nora‘s concept and discussing it through a variety of workshops. Our section has developed several workshops on this topic, concerning memory spaces of Antiquity, Medieval times, the Early Modern Period, and Recent History.

The workshops‘ individual topics have intentionally been chosen to be rather broad and far-reaching, to allow for the inclusion of different areas of interest. Thus, there is the possibility that each workshop delivers to its participants both a relevant temporal context as well as the opportunity to focus on one‘s own preferred areas of study.